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Are you afraid of Cataract Surgery?

"Had I known that going through cataract surgery was so convenient at Grewal Eye Institute, I would have got my surgery much earlier."

Feelings expressed by Mrs. Jaswinder Kaur are echoed by many of the cases operated at Grewal Eye Institute. Most of us are afraid of the word “surgery”. It's but natural. Why? It is the fear of the unknown. We are scared of going in the dark because we do not known what is going to be there. Apprehensions while doing something for the first time also result from the fear of the unknown.

Similarly patients undergoing eye surgery have lots of fears. They are not aware of all that is going to happen before, during or after surgery. Good eye centers all over the world take pains to explain the fine details of surgery to the patients. Patients counseling goes a long way in alleviating the fear of the patient. At Grewal Eye Institute a special instruction video has been prepared for the patients. It shows in detail the experience of going through the surgery. Once a person is aware of what he is going to go through, there isn't any fear of the unknown. The patient is more confident and goes in for surgery in a positive manner, which in turn helps healing and recovery.

Myths exiting in the society add to the fears. Myths are unfounded impressions in society carried from generation to generation. They change slower than the reality. The first thing to understand is that the only treatment for cataract is surgery. No Lasers, No medications or drops helps. The rapid advances in cataract surgery over the last couple of years have drastically changed the experience of the person undergoing it. From the patient's angle, this highly technical, precise and specialized micro surgery has advanced to a very simple and a comfortable experience both during and after the surgery. It is painless. Fear of pain is common reason why people are scared of undergoing surgery. Knowing that cataract surgery is painless allays these fears.

Some patients have are apprehensive of losing vision. Let me assure you the success rate of cataract surgery now exceeds 99%. In fact it is one of the most successful surgical procedures in the whole world of medicine. There should be no such fear. Some cases are afraid of precautions and restrictions. Post-operative precautions and restriction on activities are a concern to many people.

However with the advent of the Phaco stich-less small incision cataract surgery with an implantable foldable intra ocular lens these are now redundant and unnecessary. These restrictions and precautions have vanished with Phaco-stitch-less small incision cataract surgery with foldable intraocular lens. You can be back to normal in a day or two.

You should not have a fear of losing working days or earning potential, since you can return to work within dew days, without compromising the results of surgery. Do not brood fears.

Consult your ophthalmologist and discuss surgery in details. Have all questions and concerns addressed. A detailed counseling before surgery goes a long way to reduce fears and apprehensions. Don't be afraid of surgery. Learn of knowledge wipes out the darkness of ignorance.

-Dr. SPS Grewal

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