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Micropulse Technology, IQ 577


A continuous wave laser delivers continuous energy during the duration of the laser exposure. A MicroPulse Laser delays energy in ultra short on off modes just like a stroboscope repeating flashing. This keeps the tissues to cool during the off time and reduce structural damage to the tissues. In patients with DME, we must be selective in treating around the fovea (seeing part of Retina) with laser to avoid causing irreversible damage to these sensitive tissues. The procedure is quick and harmless. Patients may notice an improvement in vision within weeks or months after treatment. The Yellow Laser also heralds a new beginning in the area of Diabetic Retinopathy, as it has been proved to be extremely effective, besides being safer than the conventional green laser. Added to the advantages of the yellow laser, the multi spot pattern laser delivery system further increases the precision, comfort to the patient and the speed of laser photo coagulation procedures.

What are its benefits compared to Conventional Laser

More Comfortable
The yellow laser requires less power but works more rapidly, which means less patient discomfort such as pain and dazzling during the treatment. The laser spots are applied at a faster rate, improving patient comfort.
More Safe
Research studies have shown that the new micropulse laser results in less long-term scarring traditionally caused by older laser technologies and has been shown to be just as effective as currently used laser treatments but with less side effects.
More Accurate
Yellow laser light is more precise and gentler in treating the macular within the retina, allowing our Retina Specialists to target areas of bleeding and leaking more accurately without damaging other further parts of the retina.
More Effective
Yellow laser light can penetrate cataracts (clouding of the lens) and vitreous haemorrhages (blood in the jelly-part of the eye) better than traditional green lasers light in treating complex eye disorders. Using this new technology may also mean faster recovery time and shorter treatment sessions. Our Retina Specialists will inform you if your condition is suitable to be treated by the new Multispot Micropulse Yellow Laser.
Conventinal Laser
Conventional Laser Uses Continuous Laser Output
Micropulse laser
Micropulse Technology allows the retina to cool down between laser pulses, preventing laser damages.
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